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Bridgit Tech Review | Glenn P.

“Brigit is a great gift!”

Glenn Padnick is a self-proclaimed “neophyte” on the computer. “I know very little and I wanted to improve my general knowledge but wasn’t sure how to do so.” Glenn had been using his computer for emailing and banking but wanted to expand his knowledge to be able to do new tasks such as including attachments to his emails and printing labels for his Christmas cards. Before he received his five pack of lessons from his wife as a holiday gift, he had depended on his 33-year-old son for assistance, which wasn’t always fun, easy or convenient for either party – especially once the frequency of eye rolling increased! Glenn wanted a resource that could teach him at his pace on his level and that was exactly what he has found in his experience with Bridgit and his tech coach Bob. With each lesson, Glenn is building upon his digital skill set and looks forward to his continued learning.

Sometimes tasks that seem simple to digital natives or those with lots of computer experience can be very challenging for people who have had very little experience with computers. Brigit’s tech coaches are experts at working with a generation who might not be as comfortable with tech as their adult kids and for whom it may be difficult or embarrassing to seek assistance for what appears to be the simplest tasks for some – but challenging for them.


Bridgit Tech Review | Ruth K.

I use my computer for basic functions like email and searching for information. At one point, I was having some problems and asked Bridgit for help. Both David and Mitch were very helpful and I am very satisfied with their service and I like that they came to me. I’ve already recommended Bridgit to friends.


Bridgit Tech Review | Steve I.

I had heard about Bridgit from a friend, then low and behold, a few weeks later I found myself struggling with a computer problem. I consider myself pretty computer savvy, but in this instance, I could not get a certain software to download. I asked Bridgit if they could help me with the issue. Spencer came to my home and took care of the problem quickly. I think that concentrating on the senior market is brilliant. Seniors can be intimidated because they lack knowledge about tech devices and don’t know where to go for help.. The other existing services are terribly impersonal. I felt Bridgit’s service was very personal. Spencer came to our house for a 1:1 session as opposed to someone remotely connecting to your desktop. This is 1:1 – actually looking at the person and it’s highly personal and great for either solving an issue or expanding knowledge.


Bridgit Tech Review | Leslie I.

I was “encouraged” by my husband to ask Bridgit for help. I have a smartphone but was not using it because I really didn’t know how to operate it. My husband was frustrated because I had the phone but would never turn it on and he couldn’t reach me. We asked Bridgit for help and a coach helped me 1:1 in my home. My husband says I’m now light years ahead of where I was!

Working with Bridgit was very useful and made me feel much more confident. The coach came to my home and was very nice and helped me a lot. We primarily focused on my iPhone and how to use it. I required help with understanding the basics of how it worked and what I could do to get the most out of it. What was important to me was texting because I have adult kids who don’t reply quickly emails or phone calls. Now that I can text them I get responses right away and we communicate much more — which is wonderful.

Before I found Bridgit, I relied on my husband for help. Working with a professional coach was great because he was patient and extremely knowledgeable. We didn’t waste time trying to figure out how to solve the problem because there was no guesswork. He sat with me for an hour and explained patiently how to do what I wanted to do. You should use Bridgit because you are dealing with a professional who has the knowledge AND the patience to teach.

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