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Do you get frustrated when using technology? This is not uncommon. Tech is constantly evolving and it can be increasingly difficult to learn how to use. For many people, it leaves them with one option, asking generously for the help of their friends or family. With the most common result being that everyone gets frustrated and upset with each other.Sound familiar? We want you to know there is a better way to learn. Just ask Bridgit we can help! At Bridgit, we can help you master today’s technology with ease.

We Make Technology Simple


We understand the technology experience can be anxiety-ridden, especially for those who are just learning. Fortunately we know that you learn better when someone is at your side so you can ask as many questions as you need. Bridgit has highly trained tech leads that will work with you at your level of understanding in the comfort of your own home. Our in-home tech advisors work with you to reach your technology goals. We are there to help you so you don’t have to ask friends or family for computer help again.

We want to elevate your understanding of tech so you can gain a sense of independence with technology.

Learn. Connect. Live


Our mission is to help you get connected and stay connected in this ever-growing tech society. We make sure that tech never overwhelms you and fits in with your lifestyle seamlessly. Stay connected with your family, keep up with your email, or even make friends online! Whether you’re looking for help with a particular tech problem, or with a specific device, we can help. Call today to find out more about our range of services, or set up an in-home visit with one of our advisors.

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