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About Bridgit

Bridgit was founded by Mitchell Sack, a lifelong entrepreneur. After hearing many conversations between his wife and her parents turn into arguments when the subject was about using technology, Mitchell thought there has to be another way. “There has to be a better method for teaching our parents’ generation how to use current technology.” That statement led to the creation of Bridgit.

Mitchell consulted with experts in adult education in order to curate a curriculum that would “Make Technology Simple.”Bridgit was started with a focus on making technology simple for older adults. Our training methods incorporate experienced professionals from the same peer group as our customers, making the learning experience enjoyable and allowing the customer to feel at ease.

Bridgit sends its advisors right to your home. In this comfortable one-on-one setting, we will take you through the steps to master basic technology. FaceTime, photos, email and the internet, “We got this!”